Learning by osmosis

Bwog has given up and has decided to try the book hat technique

It’s the least wonderful time of the year (again) and Bwog ventured into the depths of Butler to ask how Midterms are treating Columbia’s students. Judging by the disgruntled answers and the atmosphere of anxiety and cigarette smoke, y’all are barely hanging on.


  • “Don’t care, not really stressed because I’m a Creative Writing major”


  • “I don’t actually have midterms (this week).”


  • Cute German guy in line for coffee at butler: “I study a lot. Drink a lot of coffee.” (He then proceeds to show us a magic trick… Randomly awesome person or pickup artist extraordinaire?)

3rd Floor

  • Guy behind the reference desk: “it’s going ok… I’ve had one…. No wait, two midterms, so kinda stressful but doing ok.”
  • Guy wearing no shoes outside 301: “I don’t have any midterms till next week so… That doesn’t really apply to me.”

Random Locations

  • “shittily” – deeply concerned looking guy
  • “midterms? Ha. thats why i just take seminars.”- business casually clad girl
  • “ughhhhhhhhhhhh” – person sitting next to business casually clad girl
  • “Great. I like to think critically and delve deep into a topic…were you looking for drama?” – Exchange student getting coffee (then proceeded to show us a magic trick with cards and fire wtf)
  • “Fine but I need to get back to this email. Bye.” – stressed looking guy on his laptop
  • “Don’t talk about them or I have to acknowledge they exist.” – girl with nothing apart from her phone
  • “Not sure…” – very confused looking guy with calculus homework
  • “Shit. Like really shitty. Really really shitty.” – guy wearing red wristband with “fuck it” written on it

Midterm fashion via Shutterstock.