The cold, dead eyes of the obsessed.

The cold, dead eyes of the obsessed.

In part of their ongoing obsession with photographing every highway, road, bike lane, and patch of dirt, Google maps has recently deployed Street View cameras on camel to capture the sand of the Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi. (Earth Touch News Network)

Gentlemen, a warning: as part of an effort to combat public lewdness at Port Authority, the NYPD has deployed plainclothes officers to watch you at the urinal. In what we would consider dedication to the pursuit of justice bordering on the obsessive, arrests have already been made on a number of men who claim they just urinate vigorously and are ready to prove it in a court of law. (Gothamist)

Planes arriving from those areas hardest hit by Ebola will soon be screened for possible incidence of the virus, to the mutual dissatisfaction of those who think this measure is too obsessive and will cause only a public panic, and those who believe its not obsessive enough and will only doom us all. (The New York Times)

In a show of obsessive knowledge of the law, the state of Idaho has managed to block, at least temporarily, a court ruling that would have made  gay marriage legal there through appeal to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, in an ongoing obsessive attempt to prove true once and for all the age old adage that love can conquer all but the repeated bureaucratic obstacle. (Huffington Post)

Everyone, absolutely everyone, regardless of circumstance, in Wisconsin will be required to apply for a voter ID card to vote, according to a newly released Federal Court decision, in what we’re going to assume is just an obsessive need to count people and not a method of  select disenfranchisement. (The Guardian)

In part of the ongoing obsession with YOU (yes, you), and other members of the oh-so-corruptible youth, debate has begun centered the threats Yik Yak may pose to your moral sensibilities. (The Washington Post)

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