Issues framed by the world's long lashes.

Issues framed by the world’s long lashes.

To start us off: the Columbia University Medical Center, apparently among the ten worst hospitals in the state when judged on wait time, will be taking significant steps to facilitate the flow of patients through its emergency room. (New York Daily News)

Moving on to the story of the moment, our ‘Carry That Weight’ protest is receiving national attention. (Huffington Post)

Interested in how ‘Carry That Weight’ has spread beyond our gates? Just want to understand what everyone is talking about? ThinkProgress ran a story on the movement and its growth, breaking it all down.

Timed, it seems, to intersect with the protest, is a profile from Washington Post on Emma Sulkowicz.

Responding, at long last, President Bollinger expresses his views on campus rape in an article in The New Republic.

Finally, in other news, seeking to resolve a lawsuit with the U.S. government concerning AIDS grants, Columbia has agreed to a $9 million settlement.

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