Which one is not like the other?

We’re mad Mom dresses you the same, too

Ebola in Dallas, conjoined twins in Houston – Texas just can’t get enough coverage of medical anomalies. (Reuters)

The Twin Cities of Minnesota are getting a spread in the next edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. Minnesota: home to America’s largest mall and the world’s largest zombie pub crawl crowd. (Pioneer Press)

The royal family for one of the world’s smallest countries is expecting – unexpectedly with two on the way. And forget about whether they will be cute, identical, fraternal, or  healthy – which one will grow to get the crown?! (Constitution Daily)

Science takes a stab on explaining why one twin might be smarter than the other, or why a set of twins might share similar levels of intelligence. (Free Press Journal)

Awkward family photos via Shutterstock