man writing and drinking beer

Smart and drunk

Do you like learning and drinking (presumably you do if you go to Columbia)? Raising the Bar is hosting an event called “Knowledge Meets Beer” on November 5th at which you go to a bunch of different bars, drink, and listen to important people speak! The tickets went on sale today at 4 pm, so head on over to their website now!

Here’s an explanation of the event from their press release:

On November 5th, 2014, Raising the Bar is collaborating with Time Inc to host the first “Knowledge Meets Beer” event: a series of panels led by notable professors, researchers and industry leaders. The event panels will take place in some of the city’s best bars, creating unexpected environments for discussion and supplying the public with direct access to cutting-edge research.

‘Knowledge Meets Beer’ gives you the opportunity to drink a beer while listening to visionaries such as Mo Koyfman, Co-Founder of Spark Capital, discussing NYC’s ever-growing income gap, or David Manela, Chief Revenue Officer at Fiverr, examining the possibilities for NYC-based entrepreneurs alongside Vincent Ponzo, the Director of Columbia Business School Entrepreneurs Center.

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