PrezBo confronted by CPD at the Fun Run

PrezBo confronted by BCD at the Fun Run

In a perhaps unprecedented move, PrezBo has agreed to meet with the Columbia Prison Divest protesters who stood with signs outside 501 Schermerhorn during his popular Freedom of Speech and Press class on Wednesday.  He has also agreed to meet with Barnard Columbia Divest as of this morning.

October 22 was recognized as the official National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality, according to an email sent by Columbia Students Against Mass Incarceration. Columbia Prison Divest members stood in Schermerhorn outside of 501 reading statements and holding signs, in addition to the many flyers speckling the walls of the classroom, in order to attract PrezBo’s attention.

Today, Bollinger agreed to meet with Barnard Columbia Divest protesters at his Fun Run this morning, according to BCD’s Twitter. CPD’s Facebook page also shows a video of the group intercepting PrezBo on Wednesday and getting vocal confirmation that he would meet. According to the video, CPD has been trying to meet with PrezBo for 8 months, and only now has he agreed to “set it up.”  Watch it below:

Video courtesy of Chris Wang, and photo via Barnard Columbia Divest