EAAH's new flyer

EAAH’s new flyer

Come help kick off Everyone Allied Against Homophobia’s new flyering campaign! People will be meeting in the Stephen Donaldson Lounge (in the basement of Furnald) at 8 pm tonight, and from there they will be distributing flyers to every dorm room on campus.

According to the board of Everyone Allied Against Homophobia, the goal of the new campaign is to continue to challenge and push past barriers:

This year, we’ve thought a lot about what it means to declare that a space is a safe space as well as the kind of work that it takes to put up a little flyer in your window. As a result, we hope our flyer will be a little more challenging than in years past. Rather than ending with someone choosing to put up the flyer in their room or not, we hope to spark a conversation about whose concerns safe spaces address and whose they ignore. We hope people who see the flyer will think about how, at least, we can help each other be a little kinder, a little more thoughtful, if we can’t just solve oppression in one night.

You can also read more about the event here, and you can check out Everyone Allied Against Homophobia’s Facebook page here.

Image via EAAH’s Pink Flyering Campaign Facebook Event