The face of terror

Gather round Columbians! Huddle, together with us, around the crackling blue light of your laptop screen (you might want to get that checked).  Warm your hands on the keyboard, take in that crisp fall air, that slightly dank post-midterm despair, and celebrate terror as we only can when the world gets cold and the darkness grows.

You thought you would miss out. You thought you were too busy. But Bwog is here for you and your fears, with fifteen six-word stories, fun-sized for easy consumption on a bus ride home or in a last class.

No one, after all, can escape the horror of their lives:

  • Class location: 7th floor of Hamilton.
  • JJs closed for health inspection. Fries.
  • Eleven hours in Butler. Morning thunderstorm.
  • This train is now going express.
  • Haven’t done any reading. Pop quiz.
  • Stuck in elevator with ex-hookup. Silence.
  • Parents visiting. Forgot to hide condoms.
  • Heating turned on. Fires of Hades.
  • We should all go to Brooklyn!
  • Who is that? Not my roommate.
  • Printer not responding. Please contact CUIT.
  • Squeezing past someone on Ferris staircase.
  • Great night! Oh no. Problem set…
  • Uptown one not running. Take shuttle.
  • Fire alarm test, Friday at 9am.

Squinty-faced horror via Shutterstock