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WTF CU: John Jay

One of the bathrooms on John Jay 13 has been “occupied” for the past two weeks. Why is this the case, you ask? We conjectured that someone was cooking valuable quantities of meth (Breaking Bad is still big after all). Hell, a new resident might be living there. As it turns out, however, our favorite freshman shit hole dormitory is simply falling apart.

Oh, but this is McBain Carman John Jay, you say. Actually, this is a renovated John Jay floor. WTF CU? Why is the ceiling falling down if it’s brand new?

On top of the bathrooms falling apart, a flight of stairs is broken on the fifth floor. It has been out of commission for about two weeks now. How can you have broken stairs? Leave it to John Jay. How can you have a fire drill with broken stairs? Leave that brilliant one to John Jay as well.

WTF CU? Broken steps are definitely a serious fire hazard, don’t even get us started on the laundry room situation, and now the new ceilings are falling down? What next? Will the AC go out? Oh wait.

Photos courtesy of Libby Kandel

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous These are great tips/photos, but the write-up was unreadable.

    1. you suck says:

      @you suck don’t be a hater

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous The ceilings leak from students plugging toilets from the floor above. If people were a little bit more careful, this would not happen.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Unlike other locations, that’s actually not the cause here.

  • Reporting in from Hogan says:

    @Reporting in from Hogan My bathroom ceiling fell down and we had to have emergency maintence

  • huh says:

    @huh im pretty sure that having an inaccessible stairwell constitutes a city (if not state/federal) fire code violation…

    1. Alum says:

      @Alum That depends on how many other stairs are available. If there are more than enough, closing one isn’t a violation.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Not necessarily true…

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