What is failure?

What is failure?

Even though the stress of midterms is mostly behind us, the stress of midterm grades isn’t. If things didn’t go as well as you hoped, Bwog is here to help with a customisable email template that you can send your professor. It might not be too late to turn things around!

Dear Bwog,

I just got back a midterm and found out I did terribly. I am so depressed/irritated/angry at myself. P/F is also not an option for me since I have to graduate soon. To make matters worse, the midterm accounts for a BIG percentage. How much chance do I have in getting the professor to change the grading distribution so that the final counts more?


Dear [insert Professor’s name]

I recently checked [insert outdated online University platform] and saw that I did quite poorly on my last [insert assignment you screwed up]. I know that this [insert useless assignment] counts for [insert absurdly high number] percent of the final grade, and I need this class to [graduate/fulfil the science requirement/win my father’s respect].

I really don’t want to make an excuse for my underperformance, but that week [insert excuse]. This [sad/troubling/devastating] [insert excuse] has left me unable to perform as well academically, as I was very [distracted/sick/far away from civilisation]. Is there any flexibility on how the assignments are weighted? I have been working [very/very] hard in this class and I assure you that my recent grade does not conform with my [ability/commitment/father’s expectations].

Thank you,

[insert your name]