Your new life goal

Your new life goal

You go to the #1 most rigorous college. So feel good about yourself. You can do life. Go rock the world and pat yourself on the back. Don’t get to obnoxious about it…please (The Daily Beast).

Feeling the need for some home-style pumpkin spice flavored food? Go try Umami Burger’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Burger…ew (Gothamist)?

Trying to come up with a new job? How about otter rescuer!? The Monterey Bay Aquarium rescued an otter pup and six to eight experts are working on her. Could be your new gig (Washington Post)!

Want to be like every other 4-8 year-old girl? Well you should have dressed as Elsa for Halloween. There is always next year (New York Times).

If you’re American and plan on becoming rich after college, better make yourself a plan to up your happiness when you hit middle-age (BBC).

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