Good question

Good question

The grand jury in charge of Officer Darren Wilson’s case did not indict him for his fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Racial tensions and distrust of law enforcement are high among residents in Ferguson and around the country. Is this a step back in the fight against racism? (Kansas City Star/AP)

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has resigned from his position. Obama is said to have several strong prospects to replace Hagel, including Michele Flournoy, who, if appointed and approved, would be the first female Secretary of Defense. Is this a step back for the Pentagon or a possible step forward for women in government? (Boston Globe)

With a new FDA rule dictating that places like movie theaters, cafés/delis, chain restaurants and even vending machines display calorie counts,  you’ll finally know how much that Costco hot dog you just had ate into your daily caloric budget. Is this a step forward in the fight against obesity? (Washington Post)

Both a gay couple and a lesbian couple asked a San Antonio, Texas federal judge to “allow gay marriages to begin taking place immediately.” The initial ruling, on a stay since February, will be reviewed soon. Is this a step forward in the fight for marriage equality? (DallasNews)

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko claims that his country is moving to meet the criteria for membership in NATO and the EU…but only if the people vote in a referendum first! Is this a step forward for international relations, or at least democracy? (Bloomberg)

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