The last of blue skies

The last of blue skies

As it starts to become time to think about the semester ahead, we at Columbia are feeling a bit antsy on how to deal with the weight of it all. We’ve taken to searching for new encounters, and dipping into dangerous territory by attempting to still meet new people in new ways (the beauty of New York City). Be sure to send how you’re spending the weekend before we all depart to familial life for Thanksgiving to

Strange lands and unknown peoples:

  • “Woke up at five in the morning because I couldn’t sleep, and stumbled outside to the Starbucks next door. Received free coffee thanks to a very flirtatious barista named Geoff.”
  • “Visited Princeton this weekend, and lost my scarf in the beer-filled basement of a Greek-columned eating club. Fitzgerald in This Side of Paradise didn’t even prepare me well enough for how pretentious the Princeton social scene is.”
  • “I met a cute hetereosexual, which was new and exciting. It was like a trip to the zoo. It’s okay though, he has a girlfriend.”
  • “Was literally knocked down on the street by a harried Insomnia delivery guy on rollerblades. I doubt I’d have known what hit me were it not for the strong smell of oatmeal raisin.”
  • “Felt ridiculously insignificant after seeing the Orchesis, Fruitpaunch and Sharp performances. I clearly have no talent aside from being double jointed in my thumbs, and need to find some talent for myself.”
  • “I drew a monster on my fridge and my roommate legitimately jumped when she saw it. Hilarious.”
  • “A friend was sitting in Butler 4 doing homework Friday night when the guy next to him ‘vomited all over the table and on everyone’s books and stuff.'”

Feelin’ dangerous: 

  • “A student in Nussbaum was just hospitalized after tripping on a Spectator food expo flyer left on the floor.”
  • “Lingering Sunday brunch. Lingering hangover from Sunday brunch.”
  • “All of my friends were at a frat thing for the weekend. I promised myself I’d be productive. I was productive in the sense of cleaning my kitchen and not much else. Also, the football team was competitive for the first time in forever and the view from the broadcast booth was pristine.”