prezbo confused

“Uh oh…”

In response to President Bollinger’s salary increase of $700,000 over the past few years, students have created a Tumblr called “President Bollinger’s Raise” and a GoFundMe page satirically demanding a “Fair Salary for Prezbo.”

The Tumblr page gives examples of things on which Columbia could have spent its $700,000 instead of giving Prezbo a raise, such as multiple Teslas or 14 full-ride scholarships to Columbia. A caption of one of the images says, “In a way though, when President Bollinger gets a raise it’s like we all do, you know?”

The GoFundMe page takes an ironic approach: Created by a user called “Prezbos Army” (gotta love those Harry Potter references), the page says that Prezbo’s raise isn’t enough, and that it’s our responsibility to make sure our president receives the compensation he deserves. From the page:

We need to raise $347,486 to give President Bollinger the salary that he deserves and make him the highest paid university president in the world. President Zimmer of the University of Chicago, the most paid college president, earns $3,358,723 per year while Prezbo does so much more for his students and is only compensated $3,011,238. In the year since his last paycheck, Bollinger has made great changes to the university that merit no less than a $1,031,380 raise. Help us give President Bollinger a fair salary.


Image via the Fair Salary for Prezbo GoFundMe Page