"What a beautiful day for a town hall"

“What a beautiful day for a town hall”

The University Senate will host the second town hall reviewing the Rules of University Conduct tomorrow on Monday, November 10 in Jerome Greene Hall 103 (Law school). Anyone with a CUID is welcome to attend. A transcript from the first town hall in October can be found here.

An email from university senator Jared Odessky explains what’s at stake in these meetings:

For the first time in decades, the rules governing free speech and protest on campus are under review by the University Senate. The Rules of University Conduct, first introduced after the 1968 protests and made permanent in the 1970s, are designed to protect the rights of free expression while at the same time ensuring the continued functioning of the University and the protection of the rights of those who may be affected by such demonstrations. All members of the University community are subject to these Rules, including students, faculty, and organizations — and punishments for students can range from a disciplinary warning, to suspension, and even expulsion.

At the last Town Hall, students who spoke raised concerns about the potential elimination of the external, independent disciplinary process for free speech activity violations; the lack of funding for legal representation for students going through the process; and unclear rules of evidence in the adjudication process. Some students also expressed concerns about the range of sanctions for protest violations — currently, students found responsible under the external process face a minimum punishment of suspension.

Check out an overview of the committee, what could change, and the town hall itself here.

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