Similarly wide-eyed by registration for Spring 2015

Similarly wide-eyed by registration for Spring 2015

Surprise! Thanksgiving break is now a week away and before we know it we’ll be deep in mass essay writing and studying for daunting finals. The natural thing to stress about before the dark times ahead is deciding what happens after you (hopefully) pass your finals. That’s right — registration is upon us.

Seniors, in honor of approaching your final academic months at Columbia, you are graced with the privilege of accessing registration today before any of your younger peers. This is clearly seniority at its finest.

For seniors and everyone else who will stop at registration station as the week continues, Nicki, Drake, and Chris are here (controversy aside) with a basic outline on how to go through this week, keeping in mind your naturally high standards and needs:

SSOL registration times only, professors with gold nuggets on CULPA only

Classes to take before you die only, 10:10 classes and onward only

I’ve got a real, non-workable schedule here by my side, only

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