Bringing home the Ivy Film Festival gold

To ensure our spots as lions – the kings of the Ivy League jungle – we need to be as well-rounded in accomplishments and honors as our accepted students are each year. The current winning title up for grabs for our school is to be crowned as the Ivy Film Festival champs.

Winning is totally dependent on students of the schools who have made it into the top 3. We have until November 20th to vote Columbia to beat out the two Brown submissions we’re up against (is that even allowed?). C’mon Lions, the Bears have nothing on our filmmaking abilities – we’re basically already fancy NYC filmmakers living in the footsteps of names like Woody Allen.

Vote on and support your peers, because you never know the future renown the makers of “Rhapsody in Blue” will gain with “Columbia University” and “Winner of the 2014 Ivy Film Festival” written on their resumes. And morally, you know you can’t really boast about going to school being college besties with Oscar nominees if you didn’t vote for them now.

For your viewing convenience:

The Oscars are obviously the Ivy League of award shows via Shutterstock