It’s Saturday. The eye of the storm. Whether you plan to relax or to amp up your study regimen, you’re in as much of a mood to read Bwoglines as Bwog is to write them properly. Just stay a moment and take in the cream of the crop, and we’ll have you on your way.

Bwogline: The race to decide which university will host Barack Obama’s Presidential Library is tightening. A senior advisor to the president of the University of Chicago fingered Columbia as the Windy City’s strongest competitor, thanks in part to progress Columbia has already made in securing property rights around its new Manhattanville campus.

Study Tip: Know when to study alone. Studying with friends can make dreary content seem bearable, but sometimes comes at the cost of actual productivity. Do actual work now and you’ll have more time to relax with other people later.

ProcrastinateFeel the power, be an artist. If that leaves you thirsty for more:

Overheard: In a rare Butler scan-in line,

Person 1: Wait, is Columbia on Manhattan?
Person 2: Yeah, right?
Person 1: Okay, so we can walk to Brooklyn.
Person 2: I don’t think so.