We're all in this together, pals

We’re all in this together, pals

Scary stuff: Check out this article about forced medical leave from colleges due to struggles with mental health. (New Yorker)

It has now gotten a lot easier to report abusive tweets from assholes, though it was great watching this woman contact the moms of her online harassers. (Jezebel)

It could also become a lot easier to report sexual assault: A new website is in the works that aims to provide a more streamlined and private process with clearer options for victims of sexual assault on college campuses. (New York Times)

Gay people seeking asylum in the EU can no longer be forced to watch porn in order to prove their sexuality. (NY Mag)

Check out photos from college campuses across the country of staged “die-in”s in response to the Ferguson decision. (Huffington Post)

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