These damn kids and their blasted meddling

CU Facilities has got some horror stories.

Bwog takes a detour into the world of fiction with this piece about the trials and tribulations of radiator checks. We imagined the strangest and most terrifying inventory lists that have probably come out of  unannounced room checks. 

WIEN 754

  • Resident: not home
  • Desk: cluttered
  • Floor: wet
  • Sink: ripped out of wall
  • Rats: hostile


  • Bed frame: creaky
  • Pillow: soft
  • Resident: light sleeper

EC 1407

  • Resident: not home
  • Desk: overturned
  • Blood on mirror: fresh
  • Air: tense


  • Resident: not home
  • Non-resident: undressed, unabashed, unnerved by my intrusion


  • Resident: blindfolded
  • Bed: leather sheets
  • Bookshelf: Fifty Shades of Gray
  • Intention: most foul

Typical repairman via Shutterstock