Christmas dinner or the next Bwog meeting?

Christmas dinner or the next Bwog meeting?

Whether by catching some rays and some waves, calling in a Netflix staycation, or being productive and getting the entire semester’s’ worth of reading done, you all hopefully enjoyed your too-short winter break. Now you’re back with endless stories to tell your friends over at drink at 1020. But before you do that, be sure to tell Bwog how you spent your month at

On staycation: 

  • “Pulled out my fake in front my parents when I got carded at Mel’s :/”
  • “Somehow (?) within the first twenty minutes of being back on campus I ended up playing wine pong.”

Homeward bound: 

  • “Learned who from my high school class is now engaged, pregnant, and/or addicted to meth.”
  • “Participated in an outdoor drum circle in -10 degree weather.”
  • “Built beautiful snowmen”
  • “Drank a lot of mimosas”
  • “Had some college friends visit my hometown, stumbled drunk around the city at night, and stole a flag from the local university.”
  • “Completed all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother”
  • “Dyed my hair to spite my parents.”
  • “Ate chipotle in bed and listened to Jesse McCartney.”
  • “Took full advantage of AYCE pancakes at IHOP. Managed more than my waitress had ever seen, and only felt a little ashamed.”
  • “My mom paid her priest to tell me to become a surgeon. His rationale was, and I quote, the birthmark on my left cheekbone.”

Somewhere else on Earth: 

  • “Went to an MIT party and got really drunk. Was standing in the hallway on Tinder when some guy (who had confessed to me five minutes beforehand that he was a 21-yr-old virgin) was like, ‘Why are you on Tinder when there are so many eligible bachelors at this party?’ ……”
  • “Spent new years on a boat in the middle of the ocean with 4,000 of my closest friends.”
  • “Read a lot of Murakami <3”
  •  “Danced w/ my grandma to Blurred Lines at a bar mitzvah.”

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