You have the power

You have the power

The Application Development Initiative (ADI) wants YOU to come build an app with them at DevFest 2015!

From Saturday, January 31st (today!) to Saturday, February 7th join ADI for:

  • A hackathon
  • Workshops
  • Demos
  • Free food
  • Free swag
  • $2000+ in prizes

People of all experience levels (including no experience) are welcome to join in on the fun. DevFest will have 2 curriculums, the “Learn to Program” track and the “Build an App” track. Choose whichever takes your fancy.

The fun starts today at noon! You can find the rest of the schedule on the fancy DevFest website. Don’t forget to register, and make sure to also check out the Facebook event for all the latest news.

Bwog will be there with you the entire week. Or most of the week. Bwog has class, too.

Your hacking prowess will be known via Shutterstock