What we wore to see Fifty Shades of Grey

What we wore to see Fifty Shades of Grey

While Valentine’s Day may be drifting into the past, the scratch marks on your back hickey on your neck is here to stay. Wondering if everyone else got more action than Bwog this holiday weekend, we sent staff members into Butler this evening to find out how the rest of the student body spent their V-Day.


  • “Went to dinner with friends.”
  • *Public Safety Officer* “Valentine’s Day is just another day because I’m old, man.”
  • “Hung out with a ‘friend.’ We watched some action movie.”

Butler Cafe

  • “Relaxed and hung out with my girlfriend.”
  • “Pretty well. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for two years. We went downtown.”
  • *Guy #1 laughing* “At home. That’s it. He has a girlfriend.” *points to Guy #2*
  • *Guy #2, also laughing* “I think I had a good night.”

2nd Floor

  • “Worked.”
  • “It was great. I finished my Lit Hum reading.”
  • “My girlfriend and I went to an art museum. Then we ate sushi and watched Animal House.”
  • “I am not ashamed of what I did on Valentine’s Day.”
  • *208 Desk Attendant* “Watched WALL·E alone.”
  • “Hung out with friends.”
  • “I went out to dinner.”

3rd Floor

  • *Standing at the 3rd floor water fountain* “I was here, at this exact same spot.”
  • “I was changing the world.”
  • “Bought myself a pair of sunglasses and pretended they were a gift from a significant other.”

4th Floor

  • “Ate. Alone.”
  • “Caught up on the Celebrity Apprentice?”
  • “I went to Fifty Shades of Grey with my boyfriend and it was surprisingly not too awkward.”
  • “I went to Fifty Shades of Grey with some people from my floor, that was fun. We pregamed a little.”

We too went and saw Fifty Shades of Grey. We also may have pregamed a little. We then postgamed Fifty Shades with some drunch at the Dam, which we guess was also a pregame for a taxidermy show on the Upper East Side. All in all an eventful day.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue via Shutterstock