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Bwoglines: Future Utopias/Dystopias Edition

Look at that suit! You've done well for yourself.

You, contemplating these many tomorrows.

A Los Angeles teaching hospital has alerted over 170 patients that they may have been exposed to an antibiotic-resistant ‘superbug.’ Read about it now, so that when the plague comes to sweep away humanity you can be the most smugly informed. (Reuters)

In what is probably only horrifying because of present unfamiliarity, and pretty definitely the future, YouTube is releasing a new app for children, with an emphasis on learning programing. (Wall Street Journal)

Where we be in 100 years? Possibly underwater if we stay in New York City, with new research predicting a a 6-foot sea rise, as well as, a special bonus, a tripling of heat waves. (Scientific American)

Best drive away from that in your automated car in the future, which now just might be built by Apple, reportedly putting together an auto team. (New York Times)

The Eurozone, which we will politely consider a future utopia for the purpose of today’s theme, once again doesn’t quite know what to do about Greece, which we will less politely consider a future dystopia. EU ministers will be holding emergency meetings today. (New York Times)

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  • avenger says:

    @avenger incomplete sentences and broken links? tsk tsk tsk, bwog

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