A candid taken during one of our Drinking With Bwog parties!!

As a response to the debate surrounding child immunization, health officials in California are strongly advising parents to refrain from holding “measles parties.” Though no drinks are served, attendees still face large risks; these parties intentionally expose children to measles, as well as a slew of other diseases common among kids. (ABC News)

Talk about a party foul… an underage party in Ithaca was busted after the host pocket dialed 911 late Saturday night. An officer was sent to the residence after the dispatcher answered a call that had “a lot of background noise but no response from the caller.” (Ithaca Journal)

A fraternity at the University of Texas, Austin is coming under fire after news spread that the frat hosted a “border control” themed party this past weekend. Guests were spotted donning sombreros, ponchos, and camouflage. This incident brings back memories of a similar scandal that hit close to home exactly a year ago.  (Washington Post)

Lyle Boudreaux, star of the reality TV hit “Party Down South,” was arrested in Louisiana this past weekend for driving under the influence and for possession of marijuana. What can we say… Yeezy Mardi Gras season is approaching! (TMZ)

“Getting turnt” is the thing to do now (or so we hear) via Shutterstock