Ok so maybe not this violent..

Ok so maybe not this violent

Columbia’s very own Joann Baney, who serves as a professor in the School of International and Public Affairs teaching peacekeeping skills to cops and firefighters, was charged with assault against her retired NYPD sergeant boyfriend last week. Oh the irony. (NY Daily News)

A dentist in Connecticut has been charged in the death of one of his patients who slipped out of consciousness and died from oxygen deprivation while having 20 (you read that right) teeth pulled. Ouch. (Fox News)

Just yesterday a retired police officer in White Plains, New York shot and killed his two daughters, ages 13 and 17, before committing suicide. (New York Times)

In stereotypical Texas style, 2,000 inmates participated in a riot against their unfortunate holding center, the Willacy County Correctional Center. Tear gas had to be used to subdue the inmates. (Valley Central)

An Actual Texas Riot via Shutterstock