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ADI’s DevFest took place last week, with various workshops for beginners and more experienced coders and “Open Hack Spaces,” where participants could hang out with each other and meet engineers from sponsor companies. The week then culminated with the Hackathon portion, which lasted from Friday at 4pm until Saturday at noon. Whether you’re into computer science or just want to check out some cool Columbia-related projects, be sure to visit the winning applications below.

First Place: Beat Puzzle by Jeff Tao & Yujin Ariza
Second Place: Tattlr by Souren Papazian, Jake Weissman, Reza Nayebi, Ben Lewinter
Third Place: Bloooop! by Courtney Wong, Margaret Qian, Angel Yang, Danielle Jing

Best Civic Hack for Social Good: Braille Translator by Aysha Qureshi, Kiyun Kim
Best Use of Google APIs: Buy The Way by Gilad Penn & Uday Singh
Best CULPA Hack: Columbia Course Recommender by Brian Zeng & Alan Du
Best Use of Bloomberg API: TravelrsCheck by Matthew Piccolella
Best Microsoft Hack: MyBing by Cici Sun & Qiming Chen
Best Use of Location Data: RoomHunter by Lixin Yao, Yuannan Cai, Xinyue Li & Yuzhong Ji
Best Use of Twilio API: EmergenCU by Howon Byun
Best Use of MongoDB: Fansee by Shiyu Dong, Luoma Zhang, Zewei Jiang, Jie Gao

Check out the full list of submitted projects here.

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