Oh drink at 1020, why do you have to be so cute???

Oh drink at 1020, why do you have to be so cute???

We spend our weeks aimlessly bored in Butler, but then our own white rabbit savior, disguised as a device with the promise of belligerence, prances along and takes us away for the weekend. Up the rabbit hole we’ve returned, with hazy memories of the travel down as our proof of passage. Always share your experiences going in and out of wonderland with tips@bwog.com


  • “Ordered wine to my dorm room from International. Never a bad decision.”
  • “Friends and I made my bff a 21st birthday scavenger hunt that ended at 1020 (she got a free drink from the heights and many embarrassing experiences along the way from having to ask random strangers if they had clues for her!).”
  • “Played an Adventure Time drinking game with Mike’s Hard spiked with Nikolai. Immediately regretted my decision.”
  • “Drunkenly showed up to Tom’s and sat at a booth with two basketball players… I know nothing about basketball, but in my belligerent state I screamed the phrase “ball is life!,” which was greeted by applause and daps from the athletes across the table. yeeeeeet”
  • “Repeatedly drunk texted my best friend from home saying I wanted to marry him. On a similar vein, got numerous drunk texts from my parents last night after the Patriots won.”
  • “Spent pretty much the entire weekend drunk and/or high. Went to the IFC at midnight to watch an Iranian film about vampires only to learn that it was showing the next day.”
  • “Watched a friend nearly die on the subway after her bong rips/subsequent consumption of at least four more shots at another party afterwards, but was too faded myself to help a sista out ://”


  • “Got lost in Chinatown around 1am on Saturday night. Bought some exotic fruit and a 40 to get me through the darkness.”
  • “Took too many bong hits at a party and sinister bong owner left me in his room to rot.”
  • “We beat Brown! Throw out a congrats to our boys. This is literally the first Ivy game they’ve won this year. I cried.”
  • “Danced the Cotton Eyed Joe for the first time in 5 yrs two nights in a row!!”
  • “In a conversation on philosophy, referred to Heidegger as Robert Heinlein, an American science fiction writer. Immediately realized my mistake, but did not correct myself as I was already enjoying the recognition – and spirited debate! – among my friends on Robert Heinlein, Russian nihilist. “
  • “Found a Barnard facilities jacket that was recklessly abandoned in a quad elevator and was totally gonna jack “Michelle”‘s jacket until I found some cash money in the pockets :/ Returned it to public safety to do something good for myself/the world/Michelle.”

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