The fair First Lady, of the arms and (presidential) man, was seen in our very own community, dining at our very own Community. Along with daughters, Sasha and Malia, Michelle Obama enjoyed a nice lunch in the upper area of the restaurant.  Columbia students remained dignified, composed in the presence of American royalty. These photos likely came from some obnoxious Cornell kids who happened to be visiting. For more updates on the visit, check out our Twitter.

Here’s a video of Michelle leaving:

Michelle Obama leaving Community. Credit: Elena Caminer

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Now that Mrs. Obama seems to be brunching in New York, this leads us to wonder if rumors of the Obama Library coming to New York are 100% true. News broke the other day that the First Lady would be allowed to pick the location, and she mentioned she liked the Harlem area in New York. Here’s to more brunches with Michelle Obama in the neighborhood soon.

Update 2:26 pm: 

The First Lady ventured even closer into our community as she was spotted inside of and walking around the Diana Center. Finger-pointing Barnard students and faculty alike say she exited through the Milbank-Broadway gate into another black SUV.