Gone rogue

Gone rogue

Political Science professor Dorian Warren has failed to submit grades for the course Labor and American Politics from the fall semester. He has also ignored all attempts at contacting him from both his TAs and other members of the Political Science Department. To quote one frustrated student, “Professor Warren has apparently gone rogue.” The following email was sent by Professor David Johnston and forwarded to Bwog by several students:

To all students who were enrolled in POLS W3202, Labor and American Politics, in fall 2014:

This message is longer than I would like, but please read it to the end.

As you all know, grades for Political Science W3202 have been delayed for an unconscionably long time. The reason why these grades were not submitted in a timely way is that Professor Warren did not submit them. Moreover, Prof. Warren has not responded to repeated, urgent entreaties to do so (including entreaties from officers of Columbia University with greater authority than mine).

Final grades for this course have now been submitted to the Registrar and will be accessible to you as soon as they are uploaded by the Registrar’s Office. These grades were calculated based on the grades you received on the three pieces of written work that were required in this course as provided to me by the Teaching Assistants for this course.

Unfortunately, the TAs do not have records of every piece of written work for every student in this course because Professor Warren collected some of that written work to grade himself. I do not know whether he graded that work and he has not provided any grades he may have given.

Therefore, a number of students will find that the grade of “AR” is their current grade in this course. If the grade you see when you check your transcript is AR, PLEASE locate any graded written work that has been returned to you from this course (e.g. your midterm exam bluebook) and give it to Andy Zepeda, the undergraduate coordinator for Political Science, whose desk is located in the west wing of the 7th floor of the International Affairs Building.

I am currently in urgent consultation with several academic deans to determine how to assign final grades in POLS W3202 to students for whom we may be unable to retrieve complete academic records. Please be aware that a large number of people, including the Chair of Political Science, our Department Administrator, myself, and others from Columbia College and beyond are working to devise a solution to this problem that will be as fair and expeditious as possible under the circumstances.

David Johnston
Professor of Political Science and
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Political Science

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