grab the money and go? more like grab the monet and gogh!

Although the internet has been buzzing about that white/gold/black/blue dress (we even wrote an entire Bwoglines about the damn thing), artist Nelson Shanks admitted in an interview that he painted the shadow of Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress in his 2006 presidential portrait of Bill Clinton. See if you can spot the addition on the left side of the image by following the link above. (MSNBC)

A Picasso painting stolen back in 2001 was recovered by customs this past weekend at the Newark airport. The piece, entitled “La Coiffeuse,” was worth more than $2.5 million at the time it was stolen. It is set to be returned to the French government after legal matters are settled. (

In a video released by ISIS this week, members are shown destroying numerous archaeological relics. This is just an addition to the trend of radical groups destroying pieces of art— both the Taliban and the Khmer Rouge have been known to deface and destroy various ancient sites. (

The world really does not appear to be just one big canvas… at least that seems to be the view held by HuffPost and numerous environmentalists. After notable street artist Mr. A spray-painted one of his designs onto a rock in Joshua Tree National Park and then posted the finished product on Instagram, people became outraged at the artist’s vandalizing behavior (HuffPost).

lol art puns via Shutterstock