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Bwoglines: Don’t Mess With Texas Edition

Drive friendly - it's the law!

Drive friendly – it’s the law!

Another Republican candidate is announcing today his desire to run for President in 2016, and if he wins come the fateful day, there will be a long-established pattern of Democrats being President in between Texan Republican administrations. (NY Times)

The Lone Star state has been paying the way for veterans enrolled in in-state colleges, but now the state government is reconsidering this high of educating a state that holds a large population of vets. (Fox News Latino)

A dozen train cars transporting methanol and other gasoline-associated chemicals derailed this weekend in Valley Mills, Texas, but — hold on to your hats — there have been no reported injuries. (CBS News)

Hot on the lineup at Austin’s South by Southwest music festival this past week: Riyaaz Qawwali. (NPR)

Crossing the state line via Shutterstock

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