Why hello to you, too ;)

Why hello to you, too ;)

Though the city name didn’t do well (enough) at this year’s Oscars, millions of ordinary citizens and socially-active celebrities made appearances this weekend in Selma, Alabama to march together on the 50th anniversary of MLK’s historic march. (NY Times)

Thinking of spending this fine March 9 day in Poughkeepsie? This is not a shabby idea; there’s surprising a lot going on on the non-commuter city confusingly on the Metro-North. (Poughkeepsie Journal)

All of yesterday’s 23 hours were devoted to women & women first for International Women’s Day, and our fellow NYC dwellers decided to march on to celebrate. (ABC News)

It’s almost mid-March and the snow is melting!!!! (Weather.com)

45 degrees at night got us feelin’ a certain way via Shutterstock