Trashy Tuesday

The early bird doesn’t always catch the worm—in Georgia, at least. Kevin McGill, a garbage collector in The Peach State, will be spending the next fourteen weekends behind bars for beginning his job of taking out the trash nearly two hours before his shift was set to begin. (NY Daily News)

Nearly 300 individuals attempt to climb Mount Everest during its peak (pun game STRONG) season, which lasts from March until May. However, this traffic is severely impacting the Nepalese environment, which is why the nation’s government has plans to reverse pollution by enforcing stricter penalties if climbers do not clean up their trash. (Reuters)

After retired NBA player Reggie Miller appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” viewers are wondering whether Miller can still be hailed the “king” of trash-talk. On-air, Miller recalled a time when he smack-talked Michael Jordan on the court. Jordan gave it right back, and pulled a total Kanye told Wayne “Be sure you never talk to black Jesus like that.” (

China has a big trash problem, but it looks like the Chinese government isn’t too happy about exposing this issue. After the Chinese documentary Under The Dome was released last week (revealing information regarding pollution and air quality in China), the government ultimately decided to pull the film from Chinese video sites. (The Guardian)

Pollution sux via Shutterstock