The universe to you right now.

The universe to you right now.

Spring break’s over. It’s somehow still cold. You’ve just flunked three consecutive midterms. Zayn left One Direction. We get it; March sucks. Here, our resident music aficionado and features editor Tatini Mal-Sarkar brings you precisely one hour’s worth of angry, angsty music to get you through these really terrible days.

1. Suffocation — Crystal Castles

You feel like you’re drowning too, don’t you? It’s the damn rain.

2. Violent Dreams — Crystal Castles

Don’t lie, you’ve had them too.

3. Let Me Break — You Love Her Coz She’s Dead

The title, the artist… Feel free to shake dramatically as you cry to this song.

4. Zero Life — Kap Bambino

You, for the rest of the semester.

5. Things That Are Bad For Me (Part 1) — Colleen Green

“Gotta stop doing things that are bad for me…” O K

6. I’m Not Okay (I Promise) — My Chemical Romance

Screw it. Who needs dignity?

7. The Boredom Is The Reason I Started Swimming. It’s Also The Reason I Started Sinking — The Front Bottoms

Again, screw it.

8. The Crying Game — Nicki Minaj

Is that what they call this, Nicki???

9. Bitch Theme — Bratmobile

This is the part where you alienate anyone who’s ever loved you, ever.

10. The New Year — Death Cab For Cutie

Hahahahaha, you thought this year would be different. Hahahahaha.

11. Cool Schmool — Bratmobile

You don’t need academics for a future. Screw academia. It’s just a massive circle jerk anyway.

12. Now I’m All Messed Up — Tegan and Sara

Don’t worry, Quin sisters, we’re right there with you.

13. Spaces — One Direction

Even Zayn grew up. Why can’t you???

14. So Appalled — Kanye, Jay-Z, everyone

“One hand in the air, if you don’t really care, middle finger in the air, if you don’t really care…”

15. No Role Modelz — J. Cole

Is there even anything/anyone we’re aspiring to??? What is the meaning of life??? Where are we even going???

16. Marilyn Monroe — Nicki Minaj

“It’s like all the good things, they fall apart.” Preach, babe.

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