Bwog in the limelight for its devotion to Netflix

Bwog in the limelight for its devotion to Netflix

It’s March, and there’s still snow on the ground and treacherous sludge to dodge while you walk to your 8:40. All we want is spring, and the sun these days doesn’t melt any of our wintry sorrows away. In response, we’ve taken to devoting our free time to screens in addition to the usual shenanigans. Whether winter continuing means Netflix is your most visited site or not, never feel shy to share what you’re up to on the weekend with

Hiding under covers and behind screens:

  • “Finished House of Cards by Saturday night. I will never be the same.”
  • “Drank whiskey while playing online trivia in a friend’s room. Her bf said that ‘What Does the Fox Say’ reminds him of ‘Big Bad Wolf.’ Watch at your own risk.”
  • “Had a late Valentine’s Day. Everything at the AMC was sold out, so we got pastries from Hungarian and watched Netflix.”
  • “Saw the premiere of my friend’s mom’s new documentary at a grimy theater in SoHo BUT everyone should see The Hunting Ground.”

The usual shenanigans:

  • “Realized Saturday would be the last chance to do acid in a month. Committed myself. Realized I had too much work. Started a book instead. Essentially the same thing…”
  • “Went to Amigos for dinner Friday night. Apparently their cuisine is now some Mexican-Barbecue fusion they refer to as ‘Mex-I-Cue.'”
  • “Made out on the L train.”
  • “Saw NYU at its worst, waited for half an hour with two/three hundred of my closest friends for the 1/2/3/any uptown train to arrive at Times Square, and stood guard as my pal peed on Alma Mater for the sake of his bucket list.”
  • “Was sober this entire weekend LOL!”
  • “Bought a reed diffuser for my room. Neglected to think about how dumplings might not go well with ‘Aloha Orchid’ scent.”
  • “Met Bret Michaels of Poison fame.”
  • “Reached a new low when I slipped on the snow outside Butler in front of all the smokers.”

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