let’s get weird

It’s the last week of classes and the semester is coming to a close, which means that things are gonna get weird. And nostalgic. Fast. Your professor may straight up inspire you with a a heart-wrenching speech to send you off, or he/she may have reached the tipping point (think senioritis) and go totally off the map on the last day of class. ~~Who knows?~~

Amidst your half-assed valiant efforts to study for all the shit you neglected to pay attention to throughout the duration of this Spring semester, shoot us an email at with your prof’s name/title of the course so we can document some of your favorite closing remarks. Just remember, “Your professor will probably become famous on Bwog, for better or for worse.”

Happy last week of classes!! A reminder that your contribution to our content will allow you, an avid reader of Bwog, to procrastinate endlessly scroll through our site come reading week!!

holy trinity via Shutterstock