the same face we made when we heard these cringe stories

Bacchanal… a quintessential example of college “Salad Days,” where youth is clear and carefree joy abounds. Too bad 95% of Bacchanal attendees forget the embarrassing shit that they did during their fraternity pregame, and even fewer remember the actual performers that graced Low Steps. The other 5% of attendees who actually recall what went down (or had a slightly more sober friend fill in their memory lapses) turned to Bwog to digitally preserve their memories in anonymity. Thus, we bring to you: Best Bacchanal Stories 2k15. 

A tipster known solely by the name Frances sent us the following message on Monday morning:

“I was so embarrassed when my friend told me this happened I almost didn’t let him tell me the ending.

At the height of my ‘uninhibited’ state, I was running around campus looking for a way to get to where my friends were despite all the gates closing off my way (it felt like a life-sized maze). On my way, I ran into another friend (on the Bacchanal Committee), who was waiting for some equipment to come in with Big Sean’s tour manager. I don’t know what was wrong with my peripheral vision, but I simply did not notice this friend was standing with other people. I did not even acknowledge their presence. You know how you keep the crazy in long enough for your budding friendship to grow? Well, I threw caution to the wind. To keep this short, let’s just say I unloaded A TON of unwarranted personal information, including my not-so-PG-rated escapades of the day, details about my bicuriosity, and passing out gummy bears and Jell-O. I’m a very open and honest person to begin with, so my state of mind made me that much more prone to excessive blabber-mouth syndrome.

I learned later that a couple of people had run up to this friend to say hi, but what I said was “by far the most memorable.” I then asked my friend who knew about this besides us, and he said “probably big Sean and the rest of his crew.” Great. I’m a crazy concert chick. Well, at least I got a great story out of it.

TL;DR I opened up about my personal life to strangers and now Big Sean knows how crazy we all are.

#bacchamistakesweremade #lostmysenseofshameatbacchanal #zerofucksweregiven.”

From the comments section of the all-call

  • “I went to all the pregames, then slept with Ariana Hande” (By speculation, we think that this drunken commentator meant Big Sean’s GF, Ariana Grande).
  • “I got drunk at 9am and fell asleep before Bacchanal even started.”
  • “Waited on line for 90 minutes for a wristband… probably the best part of the experience!”

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