Fuck you

Fuck you

Dermatologists hate her! This suburban mom uses cheap household ingredients to keep her skin looking like she’s still twenty-five!

Here are fifty-two bars of soap that look eerily similar to human beings.

You can’t ignore this shockingly heartwarming picture of a single mother making it on her own in the Big Apple.

Here are three things you’ll never want to read again if you went to Columbia University in the City of New York in the State of New York in the United States of America on the Earth.

Now for some actual news…sort of.

Bloomberg wrote about FLIP’s latest efforts to discuss class in the Columbia community, but the article referred to the students writing the posts as “poor” and to their confessions as “angst”…really?

Go on Google Maps right now and play Pac-Man in your hometown, on the Columbia campus, wherever. Last night, one of our editors said that he was “pretending to be Pac-Man and the ghosts are Lion Tamers trying to get my drunk ass during Bacchanal.” (Business Insider)