Silver fox

Silver fox

According to various news sources, Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont will be launching his presidential campaign tomorrow. Although he is considerably behind Hillary Clinton in the polls, his candidacy will be sure to divide moderate and progressive democrats. (Huffington Post)

Yet another Bravo show about housewives: the network is coming out with a new series called “Secrets and Wives” about a group of six Long Island women. (Newsday)

A little late (but whatever): in honor of 4/20, Rihanna released an interlude from her new album entitled “James Joint”–how literary of her! (Rihanna’s website)

The Vatican and the United Nations are teaming up in preparation for the Pope’s encyclical on the environment. (Huffington Post)

Finally, one of our roommates found this clip while ogling the videos on the Columbia F***ball Youtube channel:

Housewife drama via Shutterstock