The proof is in the pudding: 40s on 40

The proof is in the pudding: 40s on 40

Bwog really finds fulfillment in resonating with abandoned bottles of alcohol on Low. We’ll take suggestions for our psycho-analyzation and what weekend plans you’ve got lined up at

Bwog’s recommendation on tap 

  • “There was a guy shitting in the men’s room at 1020 at about 1 am on Thursday. Patrons will know that there is no door to the stall in this restroom, and the sit-down capabilities of the toilet are (usually) merely ceremonial. This is the first time I had seen it happen, at least after midnight when the restroom becomes a high-efficiency turnstile of refuse. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed by the nonchalance. dude might’ve actually been staring at his phone, but he might as well have pulled out the Sunday  Times, spread it out, and had high tea.”

Liter brews

  • “Ran into a professor from last fall inside a juice bar. Ran into same professor from last fall, now inside Morton Williams, watched him pick out several pints of ice cream.”
  • “Okay saw LORD OF THE RINGS LIVE: The Return of the King performed by the NY Philharmonic and just about died of happiness/fangirling/geekgasm. So beautiful. A concert hall full of rabid lord of the rings fans.”
  • “Drank tequila because I had to keep kosher for Passover. Got high for the first time: that’s also kosher for Passover.”
  • “Did no work. Kissed some bwoggers. Explored some of the tunnels with a guy I had met only an hr before (probably wasn’t a good idea in retrospect, but I had fun!).”
  • “Woke up at 8am on Friday to get rush tickets for Les Miz. More than worth it. Cried when Fantine’s ghost sang to Jean Valjean.”
  • “Spent a good part of Saturday enjoying the fine specimens playing football on Butler lawn. Watched Pride and Prejudice on Saturday night with a Lit Hum class that was not my own.”
  • “Lost my ADP and Twin Peaks v cards. Not sure which one was better. Wrote a paper about how more women should run for office when Hillary announced her candidacy. Super Barnard.”
  • “Found a rad plaid chair on the street. Got my prospies to carry it to the fourth floor, only to be cruelly reprimanded by my soulless RA. I spit upon joyless organizational types.”
  • “Got totally fucked over for housing (thanks for nothing former suitemates) and now I’m going on a destructive rampage.”