one-last-shot-of-columbias-beautiful-campusTonight, ABC News reported that Columbia student Paul Nungesser, CC ’15, has filed a lawsuit against Columbia University for failing to protect him against harassment and defamation. This lawsuit comes as a response to fellow CC senior Emma Sulkowicz’s senior thesis performance to carry her mattress around campus during this school year until Nungesser is either expelled or leaves Columbia prior to graduation. Sulkowicz’s Carry That Weight has gained major media attention this past year, and inspired a larger movement called Carrying The Weight Together in colleges and universities across the country. Nungesser has also spoken to the media about his side of the story.

ABC News reports that Nungesser’s lawsuit claims the university has “effectively sponsored” the defamation against him, leaving him feeling “isolated” on campus and hurting his future job opportunities. Both Nungesser and Sulkowicz are expected to graduate in May.

Update, 4/24 10:49 AM: You can find a full copy of the court document here.