Aw, look at where its bones end!!

Aw, look at where its bones end!!

Based on your readership, we’ve recently realized a massive overlook in our news coverage: fat animals in the MoHi area. This week, we’ve interviewed one of our personal favorites, the Possibilities@CU cat. It looks vaguely Persian, but maybe that’s its obesity and frankly incredible laze speaking.

Bwog: What’s your name?

TV: Theodore von Tickleschnick

Bwog: Tell us about yourself. What are your interests?

TV: As one of the more intellectual contingents of the feline breed, particularly in these ghastly, uncultured areas, I have many interests, not the least of which include high-class television, such as Real Housecats of New York and the Bachecat. I am also fascinated, indeed titillated, by modern art in Morningside Heights. Every cigarette butt deposited elegantly outside the library, a testament to the fragility of life, both human and feline. Every remnant of Cafe East smoothie/JJ’s Jamba Juice, a tasty homage to the import of natural food in this artificial day and age. As for the cuisine in the area, don’t get me started. I challenge you, is there a pastry in France more sophisticated than ButCaf’s cheesecake brownie? Likely not.

Bwog: What were the last two books you’ve read?

TV: Foucault’s Pendulum, by Umberto Eco, and Tim Gunn’s The Natty Professor. Eco and Gunn have a shocking amount in common.

Bwog: What noteworthy things have you done in the last 24 hours?

TV: In no particular order: roasted Justin Bieber, publicly, i.e. in Possibilities@CU. Ate a pizza, margherita of course. Engaged in serious discourse over the validity of the Communist Manifesto (ah, these adorable sophomores, experiencing their first fragments of Marx). Ate a pizza. Saved Barack from yet another assassination attempt. Ate a baguette with some Camembert. Contemplated morality. Ate a muscadine pudding tart.

Adorably chubby NOT fat via Bwog