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Written, Directed, And Produced By A Student, PILL Is A Home Run

Watch it for a good lol

Watch it for a good lol

When Thursday Daily Caroline Montgomery doesn’t hit on Halal guys, she spends her time appreciating all sorts of art. She attended the recent screening of a new student film — written, directed, and produced by fellow Barnardian Amelia Arnold.  

Initially the room was quiet. Light chatter and normal niceties were exchanged among audience members. But then the lights were dimmed and the feature began.

PILL is a film written, directed, and produced by Barnard student Amelia Arnold. The short film follows a night where Leah, the protagonist, blossoms from a teen into a woman with the help of her friend Scarlett, Stoner Josh, and a bucket list compiled from an episode of Skins. Leah is a hypochondriac with anxiety, she’s just turned 20, and wants to experience the wild youth that she never had. All in one night she Tinders, goes to her first rager at Stoner Josh’s, drinks half a beer, smokes weed, skinny dips, and loses her lip virginity. It’s a wild ride, but not without some hitches.

PILL’s script is next-level funny. Every line is insightful and precisely delivered. Equally as impressive is the cinematography on show. From close-up shots of Leah shoveling cake into her mouth to naked shots filmed underwater, it’s all fresh.

After the movie, Amelia, Savannah Jones (Scarlett), and Zach Gaviria (Stoner Josh) answered a few questions about the making of PILL. When Amelia was asked what inspired PILL, she laughed and responded that she thought hypochondria is an underused comedic tool. The hardest part about filming? Covering all the genitals. PILL features a lot of butts, but nothing more. To figure out this problem, Amelia did extensive research and came to the conclusion that she would cut bikini bottoms in half and medical tape them on to the women; for the men involved, she used some socks and rubber bands. Did they use real weed? No, unfortunately. “Wizard Weed” — basically tobacco — was featured in every bong rip and bowl hit.

But what’s next for Amelia Arnold? Some Thai Market.

PILL’s next big showing is at Montclair Film Festival on May 9th. To buy tickets and support a kick ass film visit the Montclair Film Festival website.Watch the trailer for PILL here. Like PILL on Facebook to keep track on its progress.

Movie poster via Pill Facebook 

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