You all attend Columbia, so you have essentially already condemned yourself to being a corporate sellout for the rest of your life. Get that last push for your Econ final by reading this Tuesday’s edition of Bwog in Bed. Also, Wu Tang forever. 

Bwogline: Peter Schweizer’s book, Clinton Cash, has caused quite a ruckus since it hit stores earlier this month. The entire campaign is so shaken up by the book that they have created a website that debunks the myths outlined in the text. In Clinton Cash, Schweizer sets to prove that both of the Clintons have profited from foreign governments. (

Study Tip: It’s important to take breaks while studying in order to keep yourself fresh and your spirits relatively high. However, who says that breaks have to be a waste of time? You can make cash in your hour-long break by looking online and finding a focus group to attend. One of our Bwoggers went to a focus group for 45 minutes between two of her classes earlier this semester, and she made $100. It’s amazing what a lil break can do for your work ethic and for your wallet.

Procrastinate: Rihanna is killin it!! Even though the iHeartRadio Music Awards took place nearly two months ago, her performance of BBHMM remains near and dear to our hearts. Watch it again for some inspiration!! You’ll probably find yourself singing this song as you walk to your ~~paid~~ Wall Street internship sometime this summer (lookin’ at you, JJP Econ major).