fruity fresh

Ever find your sweet tooth unsatiated after eating a fruit salad? Scientists discovered earlier this week that the naturally-occurring sugar in fruit “leaves people hungrier and makes them greedier for glucose.” (The Times)

Workers at various branches of Aldi supermarkets in Berlin were shocked when they found boxes of bananas void of the fruit. Instead, the shipments supposedly bearing produce were filled with kilograms of cocaine. Police seized roughly 386 kg of the coco… that’s approximately 850 pounds!! (Deutsche Welle)

A woman in Venezuela is getting a new apartment after throwing a mango with her name and number written on it at the Venezuelan President during a rally. 54-year-old Marleni Olivo chucked a mango inscribed with the phrase “If you can, call me” at President Nicolas Maduro. (CNN)

The new Apple TV remote is going to go under some changes in design. The new remote is expected to have a touch pad, as well as a thicker body. (NY Times)

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