Hearing your professor’s final remarks like…

There’s nothing we love more than when we call and you answer. On this first real day of reading week, we bring to you the parting words of just a few of the professors on this campus. Read these and weep about the fact that the semester is now over and you need to study your ass off for the next two weeks!! Have any parting words from a professor that you wish to see in this list? Write it out in the comment section, and we’ll add it in. 

Bruce Conin, International Humanitarian Law – “Ted Cruz… I’m not going to say he looks like Satan, but there’s definitely a family resemblance.”

Robbie Harris, Intro to Biblical Literature – “There are such things as student evaluations, but I have tenure so those things don’t really impact me.”

Homa Zarghamee, Economics of Gender – “I believe in the ruthlessness of corporations enough that they’re not going to care who’s doing what.”

Grace Delmolino, Lit Hum -“If it has ‘shit’ and goes to the end of the page, it’s Montaigne. If it has ‘shit’ and has lines of equal length, it’s Dante. If it has ‘shit’ and has unequal lines, it’s Angelou. #ShitILearnedInLitHum”

Jack Norton, Organometallic Chemistry – In response to a question about how a reaction he wrote on the board got from point a to point b: “I don’t know. Witchcraft.”

Achille Varzi, Symbolic Logic – “I have composed a limerick/I think that I’d better stop here/I hope that you’ve got the idea/Of how logic goes/Towards ending your woes/And helping you with your career.”

Bruce Conin, International Humanitarian Law – “To borrow a term from American politics: this is all a shit show.”

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