Jokes on them

Joke’s on them

The Class of 2015 may rock, but commencement set-up sucks. For everyone. For the time being, while we still have one day of class left. But have no fear! Bwog is at your side, with ways to get around bleachers and tents and still make it to class on time.


  • Low Plaza will be blocked off to pedestrian traffic due to bleacher set-up.
  • There will be tents next to Dodge Hall, Schermerhorn and, of course, on the South Lawns.

Timing, with Low Plaza clear: 

  • Hamilton 5 to Hamilton exit: 1 min. on average, especially with after-class crowds
  • Hamilton to NoCo, cutting across Low Steps diagonally: 5 min. on average. Can be longer, since area between Pupin Plaza and Low can get very congested

Timing, with Low Steps blocked: 

  • Hamilton to NoCo, cutting across College Walk and walking up staircase to Dodge Hall, then following paths to Pupin Plaza: 7 min. on average.


  • As seen from the maps, with Low Plaza blocked, it can take an extra minute to cross campus (total distance = 0.3 mi).
  • This extra minute can be the difference between being on-time and late to your class, if you have to deal a lot of foot traffic on the route. So if you have to travel somewhere along this route, plan accordingly.
  • Commencement set-up thus causes a 1-min. delay on average, the time it takes, at a normal pace, to walk a New York City north-south block.
  • Keep in mind that Google Maps calculates only the most efficient route given a straight path.

Vocation via Shutterstock