Sitting through a seminar is tough. Sitting through a core class seminar is even tougher. If you’re like us, you probably spend a lot of time drinking wine in frosci, getting high before film class, and writing absurd, abstract, abnormal things in your lecture notes. (Hey, at least you’re trying to pay attention, right?) Here are just a few of our innermost thoughts from those seemingly-endless moments spent in concentration purgatory during class.

On Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • “This is an alright play”
  • “Helena as the BDSM sub who likes the power games until it becomes real. (2. 1. 190)”

From Topics in Music & Society

  • “RADIO IS KILLING MUSIC (And it’s legal)” (can someone say #TidalForAll?)

On Frankenstein

  • “Rousseau – Freedom!!!! Chains!!!!!!”
  • “Frankenstein: Constantly Masturbating?”
  • “Basically this is just a book about an ugly guy.”
  • “Something to do w/ the French Revolution?”

On Notes from Underground

  • “Yay prostitute, don’t take that 5 Roubles”

From UWriting


From a political science course

From FroSci