Before the summer ends and we’re all back in Boringside Heights, Bwog wants to highlight your Houses and Homes! Send a picture of your vacation spot/triple-monitor set-up at work/tiny apartment in the city/sprawling backyard in the middle of nowhere to, and don’t forget to include where you are, what it smells like, what it sounds like, and what it tastes likeFeel free to also tell us what you’ve been up to this summer! Our first submission comes from Bwogger Rachel Deal–though she spent most of her time working in Boston, she also took a quick trip to Canada to visit a friend.

Where: Fort Erie, Ontario–right on Lake Erie.

Sight: beach in canada

Sound: Wind in trees and the dog barking next door.

Smell: Last night’s bonfire on the beach and sunscreen.

Taste: Maple syrup, Tim Hortons, (my first legal sips of) white wine, and sunscreen.